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Where it all began

Like many others I’m sure, my introduction to cooking happened as a child with my grandma. I’d help her make fruit cake on a Sunday morning whilst my dad was out rowing. The driving motive for my kitchen assistance may well have been that I got to lick the bowl out afterwards, but I guess the motive for cooking is always so that you can eat what you have created, so I shan’t feel bad about it.

Skip on a few decades and a digestive upset took my often sugar fuelled cooking ventures in a different direction. I had something called Candida invading my digestive system causing a lot of discomfort and bloating. Suddenly my love of eating wasn’t so enjoyable. I had to give-up sugar to get rid of the problem and was no longer able to digest wheat.

Not being able to eat wheat forced my hand to adopt a more healthy and considered diet, which really is not a bad intolerance to tolerate. So I started creating my own delicious treats, free from refined sugar and wheat with a nutritional awareness.

Emily x

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Based in the Monmouthshire, South Wales. Running events in the beautiful Wye Valley and Black Mountains.

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